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Ring in the season with the funniest of all festivities!

Laughing All the Way is a Christ-centered Christmas celebration that will put the Ha-Ha in your holidays and touch your heart with the Christmas Spirit.


Laughing All The Way

Laughing All the Way is a Christ centered Christmas celebration for the whole family featuring three inspiring speakers, John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Hank smith and seasonal melodies from Carmen Rasmusen Herbert. You’ll laugh (a lot), you’ll cry, and you’ll feel the Spirit of the season at this spirited ha-ha-holiday event. Laughing all the Way is the perfect addition to your merry traditions! Seating is limited, get your tickets today!

“I was laughing so hard I was crying!! This event put my family right into the Christmas mood! It was the perfect way to start our season.” -Barbara Bradley from Logan, UT

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So Happy Together

Magnify and enhance your marriage with this one-of-a-kind Marriage Conference that husbands even love. Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most important fundamental unit in society: Your Marriage. You’ll walk away hand in hand after a fun heart to heart experience at the conference that you and your spouse will LOVE!

“It was ‘real’! Not just a presentation of the unattainable ideal, but it was stuff that could be used to improve no matter where I am now.” -Joan L. from St. George, UT

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Armor Up

A conference for teens that has them laughing, learning, and loving the gospel. From the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning, teenagers step into a battlefield where, ready or not, enemies seen and unseen attack their goodness from every side. All. Day. Long. And will these youth falter? Will they succumb? Will they give up? They might. But triumph is available for those ready for battle. Victory is within the reach of those who are armed with truth and motivated to put their faith into actions. While friends fail and fall on either side, teenagers who become battle-ready at Armor Up are eager to fight the good fight!

“It was the funniest church thing I’ve ever seen.” -A teen who didn’t want to come, but came anyway

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