Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most important fundamental unit in society: Your Marriage.You’ll walk away hand-in-hand after a fun heart-to-heart experience with award-winning speakers John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Matt Townsend. Here you’ll laugh your way into an even better relationship with your very favorite person.

Our So Happy Together Marriage Conference will teach you tips and tricks for upping the love and tightening the bonds that hold you and your spouse (and your family) together.

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Meet our Presenters

We’re going all out with this event and inviting the best of the best!


For over 25 years, John has been one of the most popular motivational speakers in the LDS inspirational industry. Members from around the world have laughed and cried and been inspired by his dozens of bestselling books, audio talks, and DVDs from across the decades. John’s uncanny humor and fun personality has connected him with Our Turtle House audiences across the globe, making him one of the most requested speakers on the app.


Since becoming a quadriplegic after accidentally jumping off a 40-foot cliff, Meg has dedicated her life to inspiring audiences all over the world with her message of hope, happiness, determination, and triumph. Meg is a founding partner of Jumping Turtle, LLC and the Our Turtle House App, as well as Utah’s chapter of The Ms. Wheelchair Pageant. Her messages are recorded and shared in several CDs and online audio. Meg is the author of five books including, When Life Gets Hard, and Always a Princess.


For more than two decades, Dr. Matt Townsend has been energizing and educating audiences with his own unique lessons on life, love, and leadership. Known as one of America’s top presenters in the field of Human Relations and Development, Matt blends humor and story-telling with his real-life solutions to inspire and motivate healthier living. His book Starved Stuff: Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships is a popular pick among those searching for better relationship skills. He also has online workshops about marriage, parenting, and anxiety and coaches individuals and couples on these issues.

What You'll Experience

You will surely enjoy the speakers, mostly because they are entertaining and funny, but also because they have profoundly practical advice for upping the love and enhancing your marriage. But amid all the laughs, the speakers won’t shy away from the important topics (such as intimacy and romance) and you’ll leave with more understanding of your spouse, more hope for your marriage, and more hand-holding than ever before! So bring that perfect-ish spouse of yours to the funnest, and funniest, date night around and let the rekindling begin at So Happy Together!

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Join best-selling authors and HILARIOUS motivational speakers Hank Smith, Meg Johnson, and John Bytheway LIVE at the virtual Laughing All The Way event 2022!

Host Mark Williams and special musical guest Carmen Rasmusen Herbert join the team to complete the Christmas festivities with entertaining stories and Christmas songs that will have you smiling and caroling along.

Experience the Christmas spirit through fun, laughter, and inspirational holiday messages from the comfort of your own home! You’ll laugh and cry (probably from laughing to hard), and draw a little closer to The Reason for the Season during this fun-filled two-hour virtual event.

Your whole entire family will love Laughing all the way…

You’ll laugh a lot. You’ll cry (probably from laughing so hard). But most of all, you’ll leave feeling a little bit closer to The Reason for the Season.

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Magnify and enhance your marriage with this one-of-a-kind Marriage Conference that husbands even love. Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most important fundamental unit in society: Your Marriage. You’ll walk away hand in hand after a fun heart to heart experience at the conference that you and your spouse will LOVE!

“It was ‘real’! Not just a presentation of the unattainable ideal, but it was stuff that could be used to improve no matter where I am now.” -Joan L. from St. George, UT

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A conference for teens that has them laughing, learning, and loving the gospel. From the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning, teenagers step into a battlefield where, ready or not, enemies seen and unseen attack their goodness from every side. All. Day. Long. And will these youth falter? Will they succumb? Will they give up? They might. But triumph is available for those ready for battle. Victory is within the reach of those who are armed with truth and motivated to put their faith into actions. While friends fail and fall on either side, teenagers who become battle-ready at Armor Up are eager to fight the good fight!

“It was the funniest church thing I’ve ever seen.” -A teen who didn’t want to come, but came anyway

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