The only one for me is you...

Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most important fundamental unit in society: Your Marriage.

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Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most fundamental unit in society:

Your Marriage.

You’re sure to have a fun, heart-to-heart experience as you join Hank SmithMeg Johnson, and John Bytheway for “So Happy Together“, a one-of-a-kind virtual event that you and your spouse will both equally LOVE!

During your “So Happy Together” virtual event, you’ll laugh as together you learn the fun yet profoundly practical ways to increase your love and enhance the true sparks that keep your marriage burning.

Understand your spouse!

Though there is a lot of laughing involved, the speakers won’t shy away from some of the more “intimate” topics of marriage. They’ll shed some light on on the romantic areas in your life, leaving you with a greater understanding of your spouse, a deeper hope for your marriage…

…and a little more hand-holding than ever before!

So snuggle up on the couch with that not-so-perfect spouse of yours, download your “So Happy Together” virtual event, and let the rekindling begin! 

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The featured presenters are committed to this event. However, circumstances beyond our control might interfere with the program. Don’t worry! We will make the best of whatever happens because, dangit, that’s just all we can do! We can assure you, however, that no matter who speaks or what they say, you will walk away inspired, motivated, and ready to do everything you do!

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